Steps to Finding the Best Assisted Living Facility
It may be about that time where you are looking for a Phoenix assisted living facility for your loved one. You may just reach that point where you are not able to take care of that person anymore. There are steps to take so you can find the best one suitable for your loved one.

1. Research

Start looking into places. You can do that by finding some online that have the best reviews or you can look into places by word of mouth. Maybe some of your friends have loved ones in assisted living facilities, and they may recommend some to you. When you have compiled a list of facilities together, the next step is to go look at them in person. Reviews are great but you have to see it for yourself to make a final decision.

2. Seeing the Facility

When you start looking at facilities in person, make sure to bring your loved one along. They are the ones that would potentially be living there, and they need to see if they like it. Both of you should be in love with the place before you can move on to the next step. When you’re looking at each one in person, look at the cleanliness of the place. Also, observe how the staff treats the residents and see if the residents are happy there.

3. Talk to Management

Before you move on to signing your loved one up to move in, talk to management. This is where you can ask all your questions. You may have questions about medication, any extracurricular activities they do, if they have church on Sundays, and what your loved one’s daily schedule will look like. You should also ask about their visitor policy and see how often you can visit your loved one. They may take you on a tour themselves so they can tell you a little bit more about the facility. Go to each place and ask them these questions and more if you can think of any more. Based on their answers, it’s time to move on to the final answers.

4. Move-in Date

When you have found the one that both of you love, talk to management and let them know you would like to move your loved one in. Management will let you know if they have any openings and will tell you the cost. It’s always good to have a second option in mind in case it’s too expensive or they don’t have any rooms available. Usually, they will tell you when they give you the final tour to avoid any miscommunication.

By going through these steps, you are reassuring yourself and your loved one that they will be fine. It can be sad leaving someone that you’re close to so you should make sure they are going to be well taken care of at a nice place.